Located near Kakabeka Falls, we are Northwestern Ontario’s flour mill. We are proud to grow our own grain using sustainable farming practices.

As part of our promise to our customers, we adhere to heritage methods that use a little bit of technology and a lot of tradition, intended to make milled products that are as close as possible in flavour and nutritional content to the unmilled grain. We refrain from using any additives or preservatives in our products to make them as natural as possible. 

Our Products

Our local grains and heritage process result in flours that are robust in texture, flavour and nutrition and which handle a little differently from industrially-produced flours. We continue to innovate, test and improve in order to bring you more and better products.

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Our Recipes

We've put together some great recipes that use Brule Creek Farms products. Try making some of our favourite treats or submit your own delicious recipe.

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Fundraising Opportunities

Move over, chocolate bars and bake sales! Why not support local agriculture while earning resources for your school or organization? Through our flexible and convenient fundraiser, your school or organization will earn 50% of all sales.

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