Focaccia Bread

I've been too nervous to put a bread recipe on our page just because bread can be tricky. Trust me – we've eaten many dry, flat or burnt loaves. But this recipe is so simple that even I can't mess it up. It's great because you can top it with whatever you like, and you sound so sophisticated when you say that you made focaccia instead of just bread. 


1 cup warm water
1 tbsp yeast
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1 tbsp oil
2 cups Partially Sifted Flour plus extra for flouring


olive oil, rosemary, sea salt, strongcheese, garlic (whatever you'd like)

Mix together all ingredients except the flour and toppings. Let the yeast activate for about 10 minutes. If the mixture isn't bubbly, start over with new yeast. Slowly add in the two cups of flour. The dough is better too wet than too dry. It should be moist but cling together. Let the dough rise for 30 minutes. Once risen, shape the dough into a rectangle on a lined baking sheet. To get that dimply look, use your knuckles. Next, top the dough with whatever you like. I love olive oil, rosemary, garlic, sea salt and sharp cheese. Get creative! Finally, bake the bread for 20 minutes or until golden at 375°F. Let cool slightly and eat up!